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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call (905) 668-3772.

Name              Grade/Title Extension
 Ms. K. Hadden  School Principal  
 Mrs. C. Finn  School Secretary  0
 Mr. J. Policicchio  Chief Custodian  51108
 Madame Divinec  FSL Teacher  40989
 Mrs. D. Love  Program Support Teacher  51109
 Ms. A. Gardin  Librarian  40986
 Mrs. C. Perron  Prep Teacher  40988
 Ms. J. Lacey  Jk/Sk Teacher  41000
 Ms. K. McGeown  Early Childhood Educator  40997
 Ms. L. Najbor  Jk/SK Teacher  41002
 Mrs. R. Kottis  Early Childhood Educator  40994
 Mrs. C.L. Foran  Grade 1 Teacher  40992
 Ms. C. Macpherson  Grade 1/2 Teacher  40993
 Mrs. K. Murphy  Grade 2/3 Teacher  40990
 Mrs. M. Lamers  Grade 3 Teacher  41003
 Mrs. L. Warren  Grade 3/4 Teacher  41001
 Ms. A. McGinnes  Grade 4/5 Teacher  40985
 Ms. M. Caruso  Grade 5  40998
 Mr. D. St. Jean  Grade 6  40984
 Mrs. V. Dyment  Grade 7  40995
 Mr. M. Cirone  Grade 8  40999
 Mrs. M. Otte  Educational Assistant  41005

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